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Moorcroft Macintyre Peacock Twin Handled Vase
A William Moorcroft for James Macintyre & Co twin handled vase decorated with peacock feathers. In vibrant yellows, blues and greens.
Dates to circa 1900 and is in superb condition, no damage or restoration.
Carries the brown Florianware stamp to the base along with the W Moorcroft Des signiature in green.
A truly wonderful example measuring 5" in height.
Price: £1,995

Moorcroft Dawn Vase
A William Moorcroft Vase Circa 1925 in the Dawn Landscape pattern.
Signed in blue to the base and in wonderful original condition, free from any damage or restoration.
6" in height.
Price: £1,850

A Moorcroft Macintyre Florianware Poppy Vase
A William Moorcroft for Macintyre & Co Florianware vase in the early poppy design.
A nice unusual pattern with the blue on blue effect.
Dates to circa 1902 and is presented in excellent condition, free from any damage or restoration. There is however some glaze rubbing to the top rim and a small area of glaze rubbing to the bottom rim.
An excellent display size at 8" in height and 8.5" diameter.
Price: £1,395

Moorcroft Wisteria Vase
A William Moorcroft vase circa 1916 in the wisteria pattern.
Unusual colouring with highly sought after white over blue.
Stamped Moorcroft Burslem England and signed in green.
Wonderful condition, no damage or restoration.
6.5" in height.
Price: £1,295

Moorcroft Twin Handled Pansy Vase
A rare William Moorcroft twin handled vase in the pansy design on a celadon green ground. Pansies are of early colouring being decorated in white and blue.
It dates to circa 1915.
In perfect condition and signed in green to the base with Burslem stamp also.
It is 3.5" in height.
Price: £1,150

Large Moorcroft Pansy Vase
A large and impressive William Moorcroft vase in the pansy pattern. Nicely decorated with celadon green top to blue base.
In excellent condition with only a minor scratch to the lower body of the vase caused by a bubble in the glazing bursting. This is difficult to find and does not alter the beauty of the vase in any way.
Fully signed to the base in green and carries the Burslem stamp which dates it to circa 1916.
It is 9.5" in height.
Price: £1,150

A Moorcroft Banded Pomegranate Vase
A William Moorcroft vase in an unusual varient of the pomegranate design with green banding on blue ground.
It dates to circa 1925.
In immaculate condition, signed in blue to the base (faded) and measures 6.5"
Price: £995

Moorcroft Pomegranate Squat Vase
A William Moorcroft vase of squat form decorated in the pomegranate pattern.
A nice shape and well decorataed with open fruit and leaves.
Dates to circa 1925 and is 5" in height.
Presented in immaculate condition and signed to the base in blue.
Price: £595

Moorcroft Anemone Ovoid Vase
Blue Ground Walter Moorcroft Anemone Ovoid Vase.
To the base is the Moorcroft stamp and the Made In England stamp.
There are blue flash W.M initials and the vase dates to circs 1960.
The height is approx. 7.5"
The width is approx. 4"
The rim is approx. 3" wide
Price: £245

Moorcroft Baluster Vase
Large Moorcroft Baluster Vase
Orchid Pattern
20.5cm High
William Moorcroft Signature to base
This item has been sold

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